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Mills in the 1920s - click on the picture for bigger version and copyright notice
Woodton Mill 1920s
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The Faden's map of norfolk printed in 1797 show 2 wind mills at Woodton. The various Norfolk directories mention the name of the millers:

  • 1836 - Robt. Leeder, jun., corn miller
  • 1845 - Robert Leeder, jun., corn miller
  • 1864 - Everett Robert Last, shopkeeper and corn miller
  • 1900 - Everett Thomas aldis, shopkeeper & miller (wind)

Although there were 2 mills only one miller is mentioned each time.On the photograph shown above, one can notice that the wind mill in the foreground seems damaged. The wind mill in the background seems to have only one blade.

Where were they?

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