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  The name
  The origin of the name of Woodton: Wdetuna, settlement in the woods. Old English wudu (woods) + tun (enclosure, settlement, farm)(1).
  It seems that Woodton was already inhabited at the bronze age. A number of Ring-ditches dated between 2350 BC and 701 BC where identified between Church Road and Hempnall Road.
  First reference

Woodton can be referred as Wodetuna, Wodetone, Wudetuna, Uidetuna or Wootton. It seems that the first mention of the site is in the Domesday book in 1086.

  Medieval village
  A number of clues show that the medieval village was certainly located in the area north to Church road. The center was relocated (probably after the pleague) where it stands now at a date that remains to be determined.
  Did you know?



Church road was situated north to the church until at least 1797. Indeed, the entrance to the church was moved to the south. The South porch was built during the restoration in 1876-9. The photograph shows the initial porch (Left/North) and the new one.

  Norfolk Directories

A number of Directories describe Woodton. The earliest I could find at Norwich library dates from 1836. See their transcript.

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